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How did I get to be an independant Stampin' Up! demonstrator?

Well, maybe it started with a vision of a Get Well card: a painted rose in a bed. At the time I was teaching a Bible Study Art class. The topic at that time was "Consider the flowers." They can speak to us about God’s love and how we can love. My church was also starting a Messy Church and programme, so the Get Well card seemed a perfect activity to cater for the older members ... or maybe it started a long time ago ...

Do you know the bible verse: Psalm 37:4? "Delight in the LORD, and He will give to you the desires of your heart." Well that’s the story of my life. I love Jesus and He's always giving me the desires of my heart. Even little things that aren’t really important.

In the 70's I was invited to a gathering of Christians who were considered accomplished in their field of art. I was a visual artist. There I saw a lady use a big press to emboss paper and I thought I’d love to do that, but I never did. Well in January, a friend invited me to a Stampin up! event, and I saw the Big Shot, which is a small press. I thought about that desire I'd had years before, and said to Jesus, "Is this the time for satisfying that desire?"

It was pointed out to me that joining was a bargin. For $169 I was able to get more than $235 worth of products, so I decided to join even if I just made my own embossed cards.

Well, I made 20 Valentines Day cards for the homeless and those who go to a local free barbeque in the park, using one of the new Stampin' Up! stamps, "You are so loved, " and word spread. Even though I wasn’t planning on being a demonstrator, doors began to open.

I was heading off to a birthday party and I said to Jesus, I wouldn’t take on the Stampin' Up! website and go ahead with being a demonstrator unless someone there asked me to demonstrate, or host a card making event. Well out of the blue someone did. Then someone suggested I sell the cards I make in a shop. Well the following day I was in a shop doing business with the owner (he wanted a website made) and he said he wanted to show my cards in his display cabinet. It wasn’t a shop I would've thought of selling them in, so Jesus opened a door there. Then at church I was asked to preach about the meaning of Easter and do a card making workshop at the end, which I did. Following that my church asked if I'd take a regular card making workshop on a Thursday afternoon, and ... I was also asked to hold regular card-making workshops at a Christian cafe.

So, that was the beginning, the beginning of a new adventure with God.

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