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12/1/20 Push Off

I had a vision during worship in church and was able to share it too. I saw a wharf jutting out into deep dark waters and heard the words, "Push off. Push off." The sky was dark. I looked around for a boat but saw none. Then I heard the words "Push off. Push off," again. It reminded me of what Jesus said to Peter, "Put out into deep water." In the distance I could see a light filled place with light like a fire cracker going off. It gave me a feeling of excitement. Then I saw a fountain of water coming down from the sky as though being poured."
Today's sermon was similar: Don't make your decisions based on fear.

A few days later I had a dream with what seems to me to be a similar message. Leaving what feels like a safe place, to go into the unknown -taking a risk.
I saw one of our daughters as a little child leap out of a building. I thought she would hurt herself, but she landed on her feet and took off without a backward look. I knew I had to jump as well, but I took hold of some handles like those on a high diving board and lowered myself down as far as I could before letting go. That way it didn't look as far to drop.

So, it's time to let go of many things, to go where Jesus leads. Leave what you thought was the safety of the known, of doing what you've always done, from relying on your culture, stereotypes and tradition. This new path may be as scary as deep water without a boat, but do it. Push off.

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