Christian Artist

12/1/20 Push Off

I had a vision during worship in church and was able to share it too. I saw a wharf jutting out into deep dark waters and heard the words, "Push off. Push off." The sky was dark. I looked around for a boat but saw none. Then I heard the words "Push off. Push off," again. It reminded me of what Jesus said to Peter, "Put out into deep water." In the distance I could see a light filled place with light like a fire cracker going off. It gave me a feeling of excitement. Then I saw a fountain of water coming down from the sky as though being poured."
Today's sermon was similar: Don't make your decisions based on fear.

A few days later I had a dream with what seems to me to be a similar message. Leaving what feels like a safe place to go into the unknown -taking a risk.
I saw one of our daughters as a little child leap out of a building. I thought she would hurt herself, but she landed on her feet and took off without a backward look. I knew I had to jump as well, but I took hold of some handles like those on a high diving board and lowered myself down as far as I could before letting go. That way it didn't look as far to drop.

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